"Life's a dance you learn as you go…" J.M. Montgomery

Pets & People


  • Do the people in your life really understand the depth of devotion you have to your pet(s)?

Animal companions, especially dogs and cats, have become very important family members for many people.  In a hectic world, pets can be emotionally stabilizing.  For some people, pets are their primary loving relationships.

Life choices we make about our beloved pets are emotional, relational, and financial. The importance of these choices can be difficult to explain to people who don’t understand the unconditional love that flows from that powerful human/animal bond.

Dr. Sherwin has had dogs all of her life (and a few cats). She works with individuals and couples around the human relational impact of our four-legged family companions(s) including issues of:

  • Attachment and love
  • Jealousy and competition
  • Loyalty and support
  • Companionship and comfort
  • Grief and loss

Judith Sherwin, Psy.D. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist LMFT20366
E-mail: drsherwin @lifetalk.com (818)789-1292
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