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Advanced Professional Studies for

MFT Students, Trainees, Associates, Licensees

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, pre-licensed MFT students, trainees, and associates are all ethically obligated to take care of their own personal and professional health. LifeTalk Learning is a classroom beyond the classroom for additional:    

Law & Ethics and MFT Theories Review

Mentoring, Case Consultations, Skills Training & Practice


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LifeTalkLearning provides an opportunity to gain additional self-awareness regarding the complexities of countertransference and family of origin issues so as to work more effectively with clients.

  • Due to the limited time constraints in attaining an academic degree, many courses consist of an overview of the literature that lacks the depth and understanding of extended study.
  • You may want to review information that you have already learned to enhance your knowledge of a specific theory or you may want to challenge yourself with new material on being a systemic therapist.
  • Create your own advanced MFT Independent Study based on what you want to learn.
  • The curriculum will be designed to further enhance your knowledge of family systems theories and practices in the clinical setting.
  • Your study may be accomplished individually and/or in a small group setting to reach your goal.
  • The study can be completed in a combination of in-person sessions, on the telephone, and by e-mail.


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