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We all talk about life daily in so many ways.  Frequent topics include the anxiety caused by the pressures of the modern world. Technology has impacted so much of our lives that many people spend more time with their electronic gadgets than interacting face to face and one to one with the people in our lives.

How much stress is added to the never-ending connected day?  Not that long ago, we went to work and came home to spend time with our families and relax or socialize with friends. We went to sports activities, movie theaters, etc. and then discussed with each other the shared experience. Interacting with loved ones around the dinner table now seems like a distant memory for many people

It’s not that we don’t do many of these things anymore.  It’s just that so much of this is done electronically that in person conversations are being replaced by an ‘intermediary’ and ‘inanimate’ object. Or if we are together, the phone is a constant distraction.

When that happens, we miss all the human cues that tell us far more than words.  Sorry, but emojis just don’t replace body language, no matter how many we use.  These are wonderful shortcuts to take after a “real” relationship has been established. But by eliminating and replacing the skills and connections made in the personal space, both relationships have paid the price.

Many people come to counseling to focus on communications skills. Much of the anxiety and stress come from the type of communication, not the lack of communication.  One of the main benefits of counseling is to learn how to communicate and connect with others in a much more positive and effective style.

I invite you to check out this website to see some of the important areas of life where you can update your communication skills. Feel free to call Dr. Sherwin for a consultation to see if LifeTalk can be beneficial to you.


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